Value represents the benefits you receive for the money you pay.

Auto-Rx® Plus is affordable and works while you drive. It removes engine sludge, cleans engine internals, transmissions, power steering, differentials, and rotational seals. It also works in hybrid motors.  Read What Is Sludge? And Do I Have It in My Engine?

Remove Engine Sludge!

Gas and diesel engines accumulate dirt and contaminants through the air cleaner. An engine with as little as 25,000 miles will benefit from a basic cleaning, and then using Auto-Rx® Plus for preventive maintenance.

Does your engine have sludge or need basic internal cleaning? Do you have leaking rotary seals or trouble shifting gears. If so, we’ve got you covered! Auto-Rx® Plus can solve all these issues with its green science ester technology that can prevent catastrophic failure by giving you a clean lubrication system, nearly guaranteeing long drive train life. We’ve been solving these issues for customers since 2000. What’s even better? It works while you drive! START HERE… or use our Site Directory to read more of what Auto-Rx® Plus can do for your vehicle.

Engine sludge is a thickening and dislocation of the oil as it deteriorates, as wetness and contaminants build-up. This causes the oil to gel, causing excessive wear as friction boosts or, in extreme instances, a cease-right-now failure. You can see why it’s important to remove engine sludge. And when there is a trouble from engine sludge, an automaker might reject a guarantee claim since the fresh owner might not manage to show that preceding owners made the obligatory oil changes.

Auto-Rx® Plus safely removes sludge, dirt, carbon build-up, and other contaminants from engines, transmissions, piston rings, motorcycles, power steering, differentials, and turbo engines. Auto-Rx® Plus safely removes sludge while you drive. Auto-Rx® Plus safely rejuvenates seals, reducing or eliminating oil leaks. (US Patent #6,544,349)

Clean Your Transmission

Our product will restore your seals and so effectively remove contaminants that your transmission will be returned to like-new condition! Auto-Rx® Plus can:

      • Prevent or delay costly transmission repairs.
      • Dramatically increase the life of your transmission.
      • Improve overall transmission performance.

After Auto-Rx® Plus has done its powerful cleaning and restoring action, you will be amazed with your transmission’s performance! Click here for application instructions.


Heat & Contaminants: A Transmission’s Greatest Enemies

It is scientifically proven that every problem that occurs in a transmission (other than manufacturing defects) is caused by contamination- the same as in an engine. Contamination is the number one cause of transmission trouble! Why? Because it creates uneven hotspots. And the contamination process has already begun within the first 10,000 miles. Some symptoms of transmission failure include slippage and difficulty or inability to shift. That’s why it’s recommended that you clean your transmission at least every two years or after 25,000 miles.

Removing this contamination is critical to the life of your transmission. First, this contamination interferes with the operation of your transmission’s valve body (which regulates shifting). Second, the internal seals dry out and become compressed. This compression creates pockets where the seals do not make contact, and it results in a loss of internal pressure.

Auto-Rx® Plus is your solution. Auto-Rx® Plus works as you drive. Contamination residue and build-up are liquefied and gradually removed by the transmission filter, cleaning the internal mechanism of your transmission.


Test Analysis Reports for Auto-Rx®

Tests have been performed on the effectiveness of Auto-Rx® engine cleaner, some by professional labs and others from individual consumers. To read the reports, click on the following links: