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  • Auto-Rx® + is a patented, ecologically safe engine and transmission cleaner, helping cars, motorcycles & trucks increase efficiency & restores fuel economy.

    Auto-Rx Plus, a Patented, Non-Toxic Metal Cleaner for Internals of Engines, Transmissions, Differentials & Power Steering. Slows or Stops Seal Leaks.

  • Why Gas & Diesel Engines Need Auto-Rx®

    Auto-Rx Plus, a patented, non-toxic metal cleaner for internal engines, transmissions, differentials & power steering. Slows or stops seal leaks.

Got a problem with an engine, transmission, power steering unit, or differential? Got a rear main seal leak? Use Auto-Rx® Plus and get proven results!

Auto-Rx® Plus is not a solvent, a friction reducer, an oil enhancer, or any other magic potion — although these may be side benefits. Auto-Rx® Plus is added separately. It does not change the properties of your motor oil or transmission fluid. It is safe chemistry applied on a periodic basis as part of a common-sense extended protection plan. If you have ever taken apart an engine or other equipment, you know what dirty oil can do to bearings and other surfaces. Those who have used Auto-Rx® Plus no longer see the results of that dirty oil. Why should you?

Auto-Rx® Plus ecologically removes sludge, dirt, carbon, and other contaminants from engines, turbochargers, piston rings, transmissions, power steering, differentials, and motorcycle engines.

We safely rejuvenate your automobile's seals, by reducing and/or eliminating oil leaks.

Auto-Rx® is a registered trademark and patented under (US Patent #6,544,349)



Why Gas & Diesel Engines Need Auto-Rx -

Why Gas & Diesel Engines Need Auto-Rx

Auto-Rx® Plus slowly and safely dissolves sludge contaminants. Gas and diesel engines accumulate dirt and other contaminants through the air intake and internal combustion process. An engine with as little as 25,000 miles will benefit from a basic cleaning using Auto-Rx® Plus. Afterwards, continuing to use Auto-Rx® Plus will ensure your engine remains free of contaminant […]

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Auto-Rx® + is a patented, ecologically safe engine and transmission cleaner, helping cars, motorcycles & trucks increase efficiency & restores fuel economy.

Cleaning Transmission’s

Cleaning transmissions is nothing like cleaning a motor. An Automatic transmission is a closed system. You do not get the complex deposits in a transmission like you do a motor. Motors are subject to air borne contaminants and fuel byproducts from incomplete combustion. What’s the verdict on the Valvoline MaxLife Automatic Transmission Fluid (basic hydraulic oil)?  […]

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Consider the longevity value of your automobile. You're investing $21.95 in your car's life and future, whereas if you wait... the cost is much higher.

What is the “Black Stone Report?”

What is the “Black Stone Report?” The Blackstone Report is a report about the “Oil Analysis” and is a quick, non-destructive way to gauge the health of an engine by looking at what’s in the oil. What does a standard analysis include? The Blackstone Report’s covers four tests in the standard oil analysis: Spectral exam: In the spectral […]

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