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comp4Got a problem with an engine, transmission, power steering unit, or differential? Got a rear main seal leak? Use Auto-Rx® Plus and get proven results!

Auto-Rx® Worldwide, Inc. wants everyone to have a good experience with Auto-Rx® Plus. Unfortunately, some wait too long before they give Auto-Rx® a try.

Engines must have proper lubrication to survive which means Auto-Rx® Plus can only clean if it can reach areas that have contaminant build up. Oil return lines in the cylinder heads must not be restricted and oil pump pick-up screens can’t be blocked.

There have been instances when we’ve advised potential customers to not to buy our product because it’s simply too late for Auto-Rx® Plus to help. The best advise we can give at that point is to have a mechanic repair or replace their engine. Auto-Rx® Plus should not be thought of as a last resort. If it is the last resort, you have simply waited too long for Auto-Rx® Plus to help.

There are several things you can do to prolong the life of your engine. Proper oil and filter changes are a must but good maintenance doesn’t just stop there. Routine servicing of your PCV and cooling system is also highly recommended.

How to Easily Increase Efficiency in your Car Engine
How to easily increase efficiency in your car engine

Any Approved Oil For Your Vehicle Will Perform Better Using 3 Ounces Of Auto-Rx + And OCI Intervals Will Be Greater.

Be careful when you buy motor oil – not all meet modern engine standards.

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The same is true for oil filters. You typically only get what you pay for.

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