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Auto-Rx Worldwide, Inc., sells only one product and that product is Auto-Rx® Plus. If it does not say Auto-Rx® (look for the hyphen), it is not our product.

greenchemistryGot a problem with an engine, transmission, power steering unit, or differential? Got a rear main seal leak? Use Auto-Rx® Plus and get proven results!


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Featured Testimonial
I have worked for NAPA Auto Parts as a salesman for 35 years. I drive at least 50 miles or more a day calling on my customers. I own a 1997 Pontiac Bonneville with a 3.8 engine that has approximately 110K miles on it. I felt like my vehicle was driving smoothly, but decided to try Auto-Rx oil treatment. After using this product, I have been getting better gas mileage, and to my surprise my car seems to be running much smoother. I am very impressed with the results that it has made on my vehicle and I will be recommending this product to the customers that I sell to.

NAPA Auto Parts carries numerous oil treatments that I sell, but this product seems to be one of the best that I have tried. As a satisfied customer of Auto-Rx, I plan to continue treating my vehicle with it and highly recommend it to others.

—Malon M.

You might wonder, “If this stuff is so great, why don’t the oil companies use it?”

First, Auto-Rx Plus is not an additive. Think of Auto-Rx as one thing and your oil as another. Your oil lubricates. Auto-Rx cleans. The primary purpose of oil is to lubricate. Auto-Rx has only one job—to clean.

There is only so much “room” in oil. Oil companies have experimented with various detergent/cleaner combinations in oil and have been able to take the cleaning only so far. For long-term equipment operation, they cannot take it far enough. That is where Auto-Rx has its important role.

Auto-Rx is not applied to “cure” some deficiency in the oil. Oil is not deficient. However, because we have to stay within the laws of physics and chemistry, oil cannot do much more than marginal cleaning if it is to do its primary duty, which is to lubricate.

You need oil in your equipment permanently. You need Auto-Rx temporarily (though some people leave it in their oil all the time with no problem). When you pour Auto-Rx into your oil reservoir, it mixes with the host oil. The oil carries Auto-Rx through the lubrication system. As Auto-Rx encounters abrasives, dirt, and grime, it dissolves that harmful stuff. And it causes the junk to coagulate into clumps too small to clog any passageways, but large enough to filter out.

That’s how it works. Auto-Rx is not a solvent, a friction reducer, an oil enhancer, or another magic potion, although these may be side benefits. You add Auto-Rx separately. It does not change the properties of your host oil. It is safe, green chemistry applied on a periodic basis as part of a common-sense extended protection program.

Auto-Rx® Worldwide, Inc. wants everyone to have a good experience with Auto-Rx® Plus. Unfortunately, some wait too long before they give Auto-Rx® a try.

Engines must have proper lubrication to survive which means Auto-Rx® Plus can only clean if it can reach areas that have contaminant build up. Oil return lines in the cylinder heads must not be restricted and oil pump pick-up screens can’t be blocked.

There have been instances when we’ve advised potential customers to not to buy our product because it’s simply too late for Auto-Rx® Plus to help. The best advise we can give at that point is to have a mechanic repair or replace their engine. Auto-Rx® Plus should not be thought of as a last resort. If it is the last resort, you have simply waited too long for Auto-Rx® Plus to help.

There are several things you can do to prolong the life of your engine. Proper oil and filter changes are a must but good maintenance doesn’t just stop there. Routine servicing of your PCV and cooling system is also highly recommended.

How to easily increase efficiency in your car engine

The same is true for oil filters. You typically only get what you pay for.

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