Where Can I Buy Auto-Rx® Plus?

Auto-Rx® Plus is sold only on this Website. If your problem is with an engine, transmission, power steering, or rear main seal leak, use Auto-Rx® Plus and get proven results! It has been sold on the Internet for over 12 years. What Is Sludge and Is It in My Engine?

Remove Engine Sludge!

Gas and diesel engines accumulate dirt and other contaminants through the air intake and internal combustion process. An engine with as little as 25,000 miles will benefit from a basic cleaning using Auto-Rx® Plus. Afterwards, the use of Auto-Rx® Plus for preventative maintenance will ensure your engine remains free of contaminant build-up.

Does your engine have sludge or need basic internal cleaning? Do you have leaking rotary seals or trouble shifting gears? If so, we’ve got you covered! Auto-Rx® Plus can solve all these issues with its green science ester technology that can prevent catastrophic failure by giving you a clean lubrication system, nearly guaranteeing long drive train life. We’ve been solving these issues for customers since 2000. What’s even better? It works while you drive! START HERE… or use our Site Directory to read more of what Auto-Rx® Plus can do for your vehicle.

Engine sludge can prevent your engine from receiving proper lubrication, often leading to expensive repairs if left unchecked. Auto-Rx® Plus will help you avoid costly tear-downs and repairs using our patented technology that safely and gently removes contaminant build-up while you drive.

How much Auto-Rx® will I need? We recommend that new customers purchase three bottles. The first bottle is for use in the engine. The second bottle can be split for use between transmission and power steering. The third bottle is to be used for preventative maintenance in the engine.

Auto-Rx® Plus safely removes sludge, dirt, carbon build-up, and other contaminants from engines, turbochargers, piston rings, transmissions, power steering, differentials, and motorcycles.  Auto-Rx® Plus safely rejuvenates seals, reducing or eliminating oil leaks. (US Patent #6,544,349)


Customer Comment by D. Newton
Great Compression Stats

compressionstats Just completed my 2nd Auto-Rx application. I don’t know that there are enough superlatives to express how pleased I am with Auto-Rx in a 1997 Taurus 3.0 Vulcan, heavily coked piston rings, very poor compression. There were two applications of Auto-Rx. First was an experiment with Frank and Gary; second was a traditional treatment. The initial test was 2x the dose for 1K miles, followed by a 2K-mile rinse. The second application was at 90k miles with 2.5K-mile application and 2.5K-mile rinse. The final result? All cylinders are now at full compression! The last lagging cylinder (#5) is now up over 180psi in yesterday’s compression test, along with all the rest. The chart shown is a recap of the compression in psi, with each reading taken at the beginning of the event. Auto-Rx flat works. Period. While it cannot reconstruct worn metal, it sure can do nearly anything related to byproduct contamination. The only thing I regret is that I didn’t take the pistons out for pictures of the coking and then reinstall them and run the Auto-Rx. On the bright side, I didn’t have to, because the Auto-Rx did all the work for me! And that’s the whole point, isn’t it? Why tear down an engine to repair the cumulative effects of combustion byproducts when Auto-Rx can do it for you! It’s beyond any competition in the market, and it deserves all the praise it garners.

Test Analysis Reports for Auto-Rx®

Tests have been performed on the effectiveness of Auto-Rx® engine cleaner, some by professional labs and others from individual consumers. To read the reports, click on the following links: