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Basic Engine Cleaning

Basic Engine Cleaning Application for Engines with Less than 100,000 Miles

Application for Engines
with Less than 100,000 Miles

This application is intended for engines not experiencing heavy sludge.

Auto-Rx® Plus is compatible with all 4-stroke motor oils both conventional and synthetic.

Auto-Rx® Plus is designed to clean while you drive and is formulated to give you maximum engine protection while slowly dissolving sludge and other contaminants. Run it for the length of a fresh oil change interval.

For conventional oils with Auto-Rx® Plus added, run up to 3,000 miles. For full synthetic motor oils, you can run up to 4,500 miles.

For motors with over 100,000 miles it may be necessary to run a second application. For a heavily sludged motor, we suggest you run the heavy sludge application.

Your engine’s PCV system should be serviced on a regular basis. A properly working PCV system is essential for best results with Auto-Rx® Plus.

STEP 1 Add 1 full bottle of Auto-Rx® Plus to a fresh oil change with a new oil filter installed.
STEP 2 Drive 3,000 miles if using conventional oil. 4,500 miles if using full synthetic oil.
STEP 3 Drain the oil, change the filter, and refill with motor oil only. Drive the recommended oil change interval.

Note: Vehicles with more than 100,000 miles will likely require a second application. Repeat Steps 1-3.

What about a New/Rebuilt Engine?

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