Why Gas & Diesel Engines Need Auto-Rx

Did you know that 95% of vehicle problems are caused by the build-up of contaminants like carbon, sludge, dirt, and third-party abrasives in your engine? These contaminants, combined with engine oil and heat from your engine, create uneven hot spots and extremely harmful by-products. The contamination process has already begun in the first 25,000 miles of your engine’s life.

As your engine runs, it generates extreme heat. These high temperatures actually change the components of your engine oil, breaking it down into a residue that remains on every part of your engine, including non-metal parts such as seals. But residue isn’t the only thing that heat and oil can create; harmful by-products such as sludge, varnish, and sulphur also come into play, and as soon as they combine with condensation and airborne pollutants (dirt, soot, and industrial debris), contamination build-up is created.

Auto-Rx® Plus acts slowly and safely to dissolve these contaminants while maintaining the host oil chemistry. It does not affect the viscosity of the oil. It liquefies sludge, carbon, and other debris in your engine while you drive and prevents clogs in the flow of the oil. Auto-Rx® Plus uses your oil to get into every nook and cranny of your engine. Just pour Auto-Rx® Plus into the crankcase and drive your vehicle as usual! Auto-Rx® Plus works as you drive.

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Before using Auto-Rx® Plus, please refer to the INSTRUCTIONS. For even more ways this amazing product works, please visit our pages on Transmissions, Motorcycles, and Seal Leaks. If your engine or transmission needs internal cleaning or you need to stop a leak, you have come to the right place.

Do not use Auto-Rx® Plus in any engine where oil and gas are mixed together.

Auto-Rx® Plus also cleans deposits from beneath rotational seals, causing no swelling or degradation to the polymer seal material, and in many cases, it can effectively slow or stop rotational seal leaks . It is designed to safely turn back the clock on lubrication system contamination. Periodic use of Auto-Rx® Plus will reduce wear and maintain peak performance by keeping a clean oiling system.

Auto-Rx® Plus will not fix gasket leaks!


Check out our comparison chart showing the differences between a solvent flush and Auto-Rx Plus.

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