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1997 BMW E36 316i

The following photos show before and after results of a two bottle application. You’re looking at an oil filter, valve cover, and valve train head from a ’97 BMW E36. The results are clear: if you need to remove sludge from your engine, Auto-Rx Plus works!

Closeup of a packed oil filter after two bottles of Auto-Rx Plus

Look at all that safely liquefied sludge!

Valve cover before

Valve cover after

Valve train head before

Valve train head after

Auto-Rx Plus can save you thousands!


You might wonder, “If this stuff is so great, why don’t the oil companies use it as an additive?

“First, Auto-RX® Plus is not an additive. In your mind, think of Auto-RX® Plus as one thing and your oil as another. Your oil lubricates. Auto-RX® Plus cleans. The primary purpose of oil is to lubricate. Auto-RX® Plus has only one job — that is to clean.

There is only so much “room” in oil. Oil companies have experimented with various detergent / cleaner combinations in oil and have been able to take the cleaning only so far. For long-term equipment operation, they cannot take it far enough. That is where Auto-RX® Plus has its important role.

Auto-RX® Plus is not applied to “cure” some deficiency in the oil. Oil is not deficient. However, because we have to stay within the laws of physics and chemistry, oil cannot do much more than marginal cleaning if it is to do its primary duty, which is to lubricate.

You need oil in your engine permanently. You need Auto-RX® Plus temporarily, but also keeping a small amount (maintenance dose) in the engine at all times is not a bad idea. When you pour Auto-RX® Plus into your engine, it mixes with the host oil. The oil carries Auto-RX® Plus through the lubrication system. As Auto-RX® Plus encounters abrasives, dirt, and grime, it dissolves that harmful stuff. And it causes that junk to coagulate into clumps too small to clog any passageways, but large enough to filter out.

That is how it works. Auto-RX® Plus is not a solvent, a friction reducer, an oil enhancer, or another magic potion. Adding Auto-RX® Plus does not change the properties of your host oil. It is safe chemistry with proven results. Auto-Rx Plus is your best choice for Engine Sludge Removal.

Picture of engine sludge
Walter Meyers: 1/14/12
In January of this year I came across a product while searching the ’net… Auto-Rx. It claims to clean your engine safely without causing damage. After doing a bunch of research, I used it. The results are amazing!!! I have switched from high octane back down to regular unleaded. And it no longer knocks or pings! I am delighted! My car is actually faster! 
4.5 Star Rating
Kathy Simmons: 10/21/09
I have a 2001 Toyota Sienna with 225,000 miles. The oil has been changed every 3-5000 miles and it started running rough with a P1354 code. Thinking that it was the oil control valve, I replaced it and still had the same problem. After seeing the video on youtube I added 2 bottles to the existing oil & after 500 miles so far the misfire has stopped and the check engine light went out.  The power is also getting back to normal since using your product.