auto-rX® PLUS

it cleans internal engine parts...while you drive

Auto-Rx® Plus is a patented all-natural metal cleaner designed to thoroughly clean the internals of your engine. In addition to keeping your motor's vital internals clean, Auto-Rx® Plus has been shown to reduce wear and provides a lower coefficient of friction when compared to motor oil alone. With just 3 to 4 fluid ounces in the sump, both lubrication and fuel efficiency are enhanced. With the maintenance dose, you can have Auto-Rx® Plus working every time you turn the ignition key Auto-Rx® Plus is not just for engines. Auto-Rx® Plus can also be used in transmissions, differentials, and power steering units. Tests have confirmed Auto-Rx® Plus can both clean metal surfaces and allow rotating seals to regain elasticity. Auto-Rx® Plus has been shown to reduce or eliminate rotating seal leaks when used as directed. Auto-Rx® Plus can help reduce emissions and restore lost fuel mileage. 

Auto Rx® Plus is compatible with all engine oils, conventional or synthetic. Auto Rx® Plus can also be used with all transmission & differential fluids, as well as all power steering fluids.


What We Do

Auto-Rx® Plus is Made in USA! It is proven as an amazing patented, non-toxic metal cleaning product.

Auto-Rx® Plus removes harmful auto engine sludge! It cleans transmissions, power steering units, and differentials. Also, Auto-Rx® Plus stops or slows oil leaks!

 Gas and diesel engines accumulate dirt and other contaminants through the air intake and internal combustion process. The use of Auto-Rx® Plus for preventive maintenance ensures your engine remains free of contaminant buildup.


Side effects of engine sludge.

Low compression.

✓ Loss of power. 

Blue smoke from exhaust / oil burning. 

Low oil pressure. 

 Decrease in fuel mileage from low compression. 

 Noisy or ticking valve train noise. 

 Sticky valves. 

✓ Oil drips from rotary seal leaks. 

✓ Oil drips from crankshaft / camshaft seals. 

✓ High emissions readings / hydrocarbons. 

✓ Poorly shifting transmissions.


✓ Safely dissolves engine sludge as you drive.

✓ Removes dirt & other 3rd party abrasives & contaminants. 

✓ Improves shifting in transmissions. 

✓ Cleans torque convertors. 

✓ Cleans power steering or power-assisted steering systems. 

✓ Stops or greatly reduces rotary seal leaks. 

✓ Increases engine efficiency from better ring to cylinder bore sealing. 

Restores compression across all cylinders. 

✓ Allows oil to carry away heat from frictional working parts. 

✓ Restores compression across all cylinders. 

✓ Auto-Rx Plus can save you thousands of dollars by not having to "take you car into the shop!"


"It's All About the Chemistry"

What Makes Us Different....

Auto-Rx® Plus is all about the chemistry - our metal-cleaning and seal-refurbishing chemistry! Auto-Rx® Plus is NOT a solvent. 

It works in varying ratios to remove damaging engine sludge and all 3rd-party contaminants. It cleans metals! It removes sludge!

We hope you and your vehicle love Auto-Rx® Plus just like countless others have as well!  

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