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Gas and diesel engines accumulate dirt and other contaminants through the air intake and internal combustion process. An engine with as little as 25,000 miles will benefit from a basic cleaning using Auto-Rx® Plus. Afterwards, continuing to use Auto-Rx® Plus will ensure your engine remains free of contaminant build-up.

Doesn’t my oil come with detergents from the manufacturer? It does but the oil from your manufacturer doesn’t contain enough detergent to clean your engine. Read our forum post for more information.

As your engine runs, it generates extreme heat. These high temperatures actually change the components of your engine oil, breaking it down into a residue that remains on every part of your engine, including non-metal parts such as seals. But residue isn’t the only thing that heat and oil can create; harmful by-products such as sludge, varnish, and sulphur also come into play, and as soon as they combine with condensation and airborne pollutants (dirt, soot, and industrial debris), contamination build-up is created.

(Image of the inside of an oil filter after a 2 bottle cleansing cycle. Look at all that trapped sludge!) 

Auto-Rx® Plus acts slowly and safely to dissolve these contaminants while maintaining the host oil chemistry. It does not affect the viscosity of the oil. It liquefies sludge, carbon, and other debris in your engine while you drive and prevents clogs in the flow of the oil. Auto-Rx®Plus uses your oil to get into every nook and cranny of your engine. Just pour Auto-Rx® Plus into the crankcase and drive your vehicle as usual!

Our customers say it best:

Im a Volvo Resto Man Id say I service the cars I restore with Auto-Rx = about 80% of the time before they leave. I also recommend it to my = service customers. Most recently, a customer brought me her 1990 244 to = be refurbished. The car was exhibiting some oil loss from the rear main = seal. Part of the service included an oil change with our favorite = elixir. When the car came back for the follow-up about 2,000 miles = later, the bell housing and surrounding areas were completely dry, no = sign of the leak at all. Not the first time Ive had these results. Ive = stopped leaks at cam and intermediate shaft seals, crank front seals, = too. The red block 240s are often plagued with gummy piston rings from = lack of high speed use or poor oil change upkeep. This leads to piston = slap. Using Auto-Rx cleans the piston rings and quiets the engines. I = find that following the maintenance routine also keeps the Volvo flame = trap system clear, very important in these cars.

Auto-Rx® Plus works as you drive.

Auto-Rx® Plus is a patented, ecologically safe engine and transmission cleaner, helping cars, motorcycles & trucks increase efficiency & restores fuel economy.