Engine Sludge Removal | AUTO-RX

Auto-Rx® + is a patented, ecologically safe engine and transmission cleaner, helping cars, motorcycles & trucks increase efficiency & restores fuel economy.

Benefits of using Auto-Rx include:

  • Restore lost compression
  • Eliminate engine noises
  • Stop seal leaks
  • Restore transmission operation
  • Improve shifting
  • Add life to your transmission
  • Stop power steering leaks
  • Improve power steering operation
  • Preventative maintenance for your vehicle

Auto-Rx® Plus is Patented Green Chemistry

Auto-Rx® Plus utilizes non-hazardous green chemistry to clean metal surfaces and rejuvenate rotating seals. All engines, even those in hybrids, are subject to breakdown of the motor oil. Periodically, the motor oil needs to be drained and replaced as suggested by the engine manufacturer. Auto-Rx® Plus is specially formulated, utilizing our latest cleaning technology, to remove oxidized contaminants that slowly build up over time. The effects of these deposits may not be obvious at first, but eventually, they rob your engine of its efficiency, especially if they impact the operation of key components, such as the piston rings.
Why Gas & Diesel Engines Need Auto-Rx -

Auto-Rx® Plus is a unique blend of three ester groups.

A versatile lanolin ester is the key component. It is used for its deep-cleaning ability, and its function is to penetrate the surface of varnish and oxidized deposits. The second component is an aliphatic ester. Its function is to strengthen surface adhesion of the host oil, reducing the risk of dry spots in the oiling system during the cleaning process. Aliphatic esters are also very resistant to oxidation, becoming an additive supplement to the host oil while the contamination is being removed and deposited to the filter media. The third ester is a biodegradable polyol ester, which provides extreme pressure capability to the host oil. Utilizing heat, pressure, and flow generated within the oiling system, Auto-Rx® Plus safely and effectively dissolves deposits. These deposits formed slowly over time, so they should be removed slowly and methodically. This is achieved by installing the Auto-Rx® Plus and then driving the recommended miles while it works.


Walter Meyers: 1/14/12
In January of this year I came across a product while searching the ’net… Auto-Rx. It claims to clean your engine safely without causing damage. After doing a bunch of research, I used it. The results are amazing!!! I have switched from high octane back down to regular unleaded. And it no longer knocks or pings! I am delighted! My car is actually faster! 
4.5 Star Rating
Kathy Simmons: 10/21/09
I have a 2001 Toyota Sienna with 225,000 miles. The oil has been changed every 3-5000 miles and it started running rough with a P1354 code. Thinking that it was the oil control valve, I replaced it and still had the same problem. After seeing the video on youtube I added 2 bottles to the existing oil & after 500 miles so far the misfire has stopped and the check engine light went out.  The power is also getting back to normal since using your product.