Auto-Rx® Plus
It cleans internal engine parts...while you drive 

 Auto-Rx® Plus is a patented all-natural metal cleaner designed to thoroughly clean the internals of your engine. In addition to keeping your motor's vital internals clean, Auto-Rx® Plus has been shown to reduce wear and provides a lower coefficient of friction when compared to motor oil alone. With just 3 to 4 fluid ounces in the sump, both lubrication and fuel efficiency are enhanced. With the maintenance dose, you can have Auto-Rx® Plus working every time you turn the ignition key Auto-Rx® Plus is not just for engines. Auto-Rx® Plus can also be used in transmissions, differentials, and power steering units. Tests have confirmed Auto-Rx® Plus can both clean metal surfaces and allow rotating seals to regain elasticity. Auto-Rx® Plus has been shown to reduce or eliminate rotating seal leaks when used as directed. Auto-Rx® Plus can help reduce emissions and restore lost fuel mileage.

Auto Rx® Plus is compatible with all engine oils, conventional or synthetic. Auto Rx® Plus can also be used with all transmission & differential fluids, as well as all power steering fluids.


Auto-Rx Plus removes dirt, abrasives, contaminants and engine sludge!

"The ONLY engine cleaner that safely cleans while you drive!"

Here's what makes us DIFFERENT!

Auto-Rx® Plus is a Metal Cleaner


* Cleans metals and refurbishes seals


* Safe on all internal engine parts


* Environmentally safe


* Liquefies sludge & removes it so it won't stop up piston ports or oil screen


* Drives contaminants, sludge and abrasives in liquid form to filter


* Is the ONLY product available that works WHILE  YOU DRIVE!


* Auto-Rx® Plus is the best VALUE on the market and will save you time and money in costly repairs


Your vehicle is worth it ... You will save valuable time and money by cleaning your engine with Auto-Rx® Plus!


Auto-Rx® Plus is NOT a solvent!


* Solvents are cheap BUT they come with consequences!


* You can use them for a short period of time, but they can be damaging to seals!


* Solvents produce chunks of sludge that break off. These can impede oil flow and clog piston ports and oil screens!


* Solvents make recycling more difficult.


* Solvents create greater waste after running in oil for 10 minutes.


what symptoms does auto-rx® plus help with?

* Side effects of engine sludge.

* Low compression.

* Loss of power.

* Blue smoke from exhaust / oil burning.

* Low oil pressure.

* Decrease in fuel mileage from low compression.

* Noisy or ticking valve train noise.

* Sticky valves.

* Oil drips from rotary seal leaks.

* Oil drips from crankshaft / camshaft seals.

* High emissions readings / hydrocarbons.

* Poorly shifting transmissions.


* Safely dissolves engine sludge as you drive.

* Removes dirt & other 3rd party abrasives & contaminants.

* Improves shifting in transmissions.

* Cleans torque convertors.

* Cleans power steering or power-assisted steering systems.

* Stops or greatly reduces rotary seal leaks.

* Increases engine efficiency from better ring to 

    cylinder bore sealing.

* Restores compression across all cylinders.

* Allows oil to carry away heat from frictional working parts.

* Restores compression across all cylinders.

* Auto-Rx Plus can save you thousands of dollars by not having to "take you car into the shop!"

"It's All About the Chemistry"

What Makes us Different...

Auto-Rx® Plus is all about the chemistry - our metal-cleaning and seal-refurbishing chemistry! Auto-Rx® Plus is NOT a solvent. 

It works in varying ratios to remove damaging engine sludge and all 3rd-party contaminants. It cleans metals! It removes sludge!

We hope you and your vehicle love Auto-Rx® Plus just like countless others have as well!  


about us

What We Do

Auto-Rx® Plus is Made in USA! It is proven as an amazing patented, non-toxic metal cleaning product. 

Auto-Rx® Plus removes harmful auto engine sludge! It cleans transmissions, power steering units, and differentials. Also, Auto-Rx® Plus stops or slows oil leaks!

 Gas and diesel engines accumulate dirt and other contaminants through the air intake and internal combustion process. The use of Auto-Rx® Plus for preventive maintenance ensures your engine remains free of contaminant buildup.

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