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For all engines with sludge and/or oil burning:

These application instructions are specifically for engines experiencing sludge buildup. Your engine’s PCV system should be serviced on a regular basis. A properly working PCV system is essential for best results with Auto-Rx® Plus.


Add 2 full, 12 fluid ounce bottles of Auto-Rx, as part of a fresh oil change, with a new filter installed.


For all oils treated with Auto-Rx Plus, drive 3,000 Miles. For Full Synthetic Oil treated with Auto-Rx Plus, drive 4000 Miles.


Change out the oil and install a new oil filter.

NOTE: In severely sludged motors a second application may be necessary.

For those experiencing oil consumption it is recommended that you inspect the PCV valve and replace if needed. A sticky PCV valve will trap positive pressure and force oil burning, as well as promoting sludge.

This application is also useful for those that own collectable cars, whereby the vehicle is only driven 1000 to 2000 miles per year.


Important Information: It is possible that the oil filter will become full of contaminants before the end of the application. At that point the oil will flow around the filter in the bypass mode. If you do hear abnormal valve ticking or noise, change out the oil filter and proceed to the recommended mileage. If this is not possible, change the oil and filter. Auto-Rx Plus is the only product designed to safely clean as you drive.


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