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Professional Results At Excellent Prices

Auto-Rx Plus For Gas,Diesel Engines, Transmissions,Power Steering Units, Motorcycles One Product Custom Applications

Auto-Rx +

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Auto-Rx in closed automotive lubrication systems


These systems would include the transmissions, power steering and differentials if so equipped. These lubricants are recommended for 30,000 to 60,000 miles. However, once used to the recommended service interval or beyond, contamination from heat and metallurgy have stuck to the working internals of each component. The greatest thing you can do to protect these expensive systems is to add a small dose of Auto-Rx and then run 1,000 miles before having these vital fluids replaced. For an automatic transmission, add 6 fluid ounces or the equivalent of ½ bottle of Auto-Rx. For a power steering pump, add 1 fluid ounce for this system. After driving the vehicle for 1,000 miles, the results are all the contamination drains with the old f...

New Car Problems

Congratulations on your new car purchase!

The 2.7 liter double over head cam (DOHC) motor has some design issues that make it a bit more sludge prone than some other motors.

Those issues are a very sharp curve in the oil galleries that provide oil to the crankshaft bearings and also these motors have a tendency to build up sludge at the timing chain area.
However, with that said good oil change maintenance goes a long way in preventing this type of design issue from causing problems.

The oil sending unit is in place to give the ECU or central computer information regarding oil pressure and flow. It is not uncommon for these electrical/mechanical switches to fail. It is more common for sludge to form in the little inlet above the oil filte...

Satisfied Repeat Customer

This is my second order of Rx. If you recall, I had severe sludge in my 2011 Infiniti G25 due to poor preventive maintenance and I did your “heavy sludge” treatment.

I am now at the stage of maintenance and will be adding a bottle with my next two oil changes. I have been pleased with the results that I have experienced in my previous treatments.

—Don F.

I Use Quality Fluids In My Vehicle. Why Should I Use Auto-Rx Plus?

One word: Oxidation. Today’s motor oils and automatic transmission fluids are better than ever before. Even with improvements they still can’t prevent oxidation. Oxidation occurs when oils and fluids are subject to heat beyond their operating temperature range and chemically break down. Time also is a factor because over time the effectiveness of the additives that make oils and fluids what they are today are used up.

Once oxidation occurs a film of contaminated material begins to adhere itself to the surrounding surfaces. Well isn’t that just cosmetic? In some non critical areas of your engine or transmission the answer is yes. But in the critical areas that is another matter.

There are many parts of today’s increa...

Get a Car Rental When You Replace Your Transmission?

A bottle of Auto-Rx Plus might have saved them thousands and if it did not at least they know they're not getting ripped off.

Would you rather get a rental car while paying $2800.00 to replace your transmission,

or…. pay $21.95 for Auto-Rx® Plus and save $2800.00?

Using Auto-Rx Plus saves people the trip to their mechanic, you’ll save money and (most importantly) save your Transmission.

A bottle of Auto-Rx Plus might save you thousands in the long term life of your car. Not only is it good for the overall health of your car, but it ecologically cleans any contaminants in your transmission, and also dissolves oil sludge.

When any mechanic says he wants to replace your transmission, think about what is involved.

Transmission Fluid is nothing more than a base hydraulic oil, combined with seller’s choice of additive package.

When the oil turns black and the additive package dissolves, is main reason Transmission starts slipping.

You should change your transmission fluid at the very least every 25,000 miles.

Why Gas & Diesel Engines Need Auto-Rx

Auto-Rx® Plus slowly and safely dissolves sludge contaminants.

Gas and diesel engines accumulate dirt and other contaminants through the air intake and internal combustion process. An engine with as little as 25,000 miles will benefit from a basic cleaning using Auto-Rx® Plus. Afterwards, continuing to use Auto-Rx® Plus will ensure your engine remains free of contaminant build-up.

As your engine runs, it generates extreme heat. These high temperatures actually change the components of your engine oil, breaking it down into a residue that remains on every part of your engine, including non-metal parts such as seals. But residue isn’t the only thing that heat and oil can create; harmful by-products such as sludge, varnish, and sulphur also come into play, and as soon as they combine with...

How to Easily Increase Efficiency in your Car Engine


An engine does not need to be full of sludge to create major problems with the VVT/variable timing.

This is why we always recommend three bottles.

We recommend 3 bottles for 2 reasons:

An “Extended Maintenance Program” will remove leftover contaminants in engine oil lines also any contaminants not removed by 2 bottle application ( These are sludge issues)

The other reason for the 3rd bottle is to use the to maintain your engine clean from all airborne third party issues coming through your air filter.

Auto-Rx® Plus slowly and methodically dissolves sludge, without breaking free large deposits that can create problems within your engine. This is why Auto-Rx is designed to dissolve deposits slowly, to minimize the damage to your engine.

Keep in mind other solvents completely strip your engine of all oils in your engine.

The oil filter is there only to collect materials that are not dissolved. It only makes sense that engine oil deposits build over time, and that they should be removed over time as well. That is in contrast to quick solvent flush products that break large chunks of contaminants free – yet does nothing with them afterwards.

How to Easily Increase Efficiency in your Car Engine

Quick Reference Facts

  • Auto-Rxincreases gas milage
  • Auto-Rx extended’s the life of your new or used automobile
  • Auto-Rx dissolves sludges that clogs your engine valves
  • Auto-Rx safely lubricates your engine
  • Auto-Rx cleans and dissolves coagulated oil sludge better than any other product on the market
For Basic Engine Cleaning (for vehicles with less than 100,000 miles)In vehicles with mileage of less than 25,000: Buy 1 bottleInstructions for Basic Engine Cleaning
In vehicles with mileage of more than 25,000: Buy 2 bottles
For Sludge RemovalBuy 3 to 5 bottlesInstructions for Sludge Removal
There’s no such thing as “a little sludge.” Sludge is sludge. It will come back unless you follow the maintenance plan after the initial sludge removal.
To Clean High-Mileage Engines (for vehicles with more than 100,000 miles)Buy 2 bottlesInstructions for Cleaning High-Mileage Engines
From 25,000 to 100,000 miles: Buy 2 bottles
To Clean a Diesel EngineBuy 1-2 bottles, depending on oil sump – Instructions for Diesel Engine Cleaning
To Clean a DifferentialBuy 1 bottleInstructions for Cleaning Differentials
FastTrack for Piston Rings, Emission Control, or Low-Mileage VehiclesBuy 2 to 3 bottles, depending on need – Get Started with Auto-Rx® Plus | Fast Track
To Clean a Motorcycle EngineBuy 1 bottleInstructions for Motorcycles
To Clean a Power SteeringBuy 1 bottle Instructions for Power Steering
To Slow or Stop Seal LeaksBuy 1 bottle for vehicles below 100,000 miles
Buy 2 bottles for vehicles above 100,000 miles – Seal Leaks | Get Started with Auto-Rx® Plus
To Clean a TransmissionBuy 1 bottleInstructions for Transmissions
For Extended Protection
(1 bottle = 4 oil change intervals)
Buy 1 bottle for each vehicle Instructions for Extended Protection.