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3 Cars: Better Compression, Gas Mileage & Shifting

Improved Compression: I bought a Saturn SC2 w/112,000 for my daughters. I thought the engine felt weak, so checked the compression which was at 120 lbs. New, it would be at 190. After some research, I came across Auto-Rx. I did the engine treatment and the compression came up to 180 lbs.

Better Mileage: My father bought a Ford Windstar w/90,000 miles and thought the engine oil looked too dirty. I had told him about Auto-Rx so he did the engine treatment and now makes 2 mpg better than before.

Normal Shifting: I have a friend that has a Chevy Lumina w/190,000 miles. Her transmission was slipping so bad she was afraid to cross intersections. I added Auto-Rx to the tranny and after 2,500 miles it is shifting normally. I have family, friends, and co-workers using the product now because of these results. I love the stuff.

—Gary H.