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A Satisfied Customer

After two bottles of Auto RX here are my results. I used two cans of Auto RX because that was recommended by the company for cars with my mileage. (started with approx. 154K) It was recommended by the company to use an oil that was “free” of special additives so I used Valvoline regular dino oil 10W30 in San Diego. I usually use Mobil 5000 and will return to that oil. The company also recommends running the car for 2500 miles, with Auto RX then changing to 3,000 miles for the “clean oil” cycle. Did that twice and followed the mileage quite closely except for the last clean cycle. Only ran that for about 2600 miles then changed to Mobil 5000. (In other words, it’s Auto RX for 2500 miles, then clean oil “rinse” for 3,000 miles—twice.)

A little history about my car. I’m the third owner, bought the ’97 Sl with about 93K on the odometer. The previous owner had it for about 60K and swore he changed the oil every 3K and I believed him. I have religiously changed the oil and installed a new oil filter every 3K since. I drive the car with care and don’t push it. 3,000 r.p.m. is my usual shift limit.

As far as performance, I didn’t notice a difference until I was using the second can of Auto RX. I had previously installed all new mounts but was disappointed with the slight, rough idle. That idle is quite a bit smoother now, after the Auto RX treatments. The “get-up-and-go” and response also seems better after the treatments and most noticeable after the second can of Auto RX. The Auto RX did nothing for my gas mileage.

Here is how I did the compression tests. Both tests done in morning before car was started for the day—engine cold. Removed the PCM B fuse, removed all four spark plugs and hooked up the gauge to first cylinder then turned the key while holding the accelerator peddle all the way down—-for about 10 cycles, each cylinder. For the four cylinders, the difference is noted below.

Cylinder #1Before Auto Rx=208After Auto-Rx=225
Cylinder #2Before Auto Rx=197After Auto-Rx=215
Cylinder #3Before Auto Rx=167After Auto-Rx=180
Cylinder #4Before Auto Rx=197After Auto-Rx=200

(Cylinder #1 was to the left, as standing in front of engine, etc.)
Do not know why the difference in compression—why it improved so much in one cylinder and not as much in the next.

The attached photo is of my four plugs after the treatments, from left to right—#1,2,3,4. (Plugs were not new when Auto RX test started.) Plug #3 does not look as good as the rest and that is reflected in my compression readings but it did not look as bad as the photo in real life. With the compression numbers and the actual engine idling and response improvement I believe the Auto RX helped my engine.