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About That New-Rebuilt Engine?

I have just rebuilt a Toyota Land Cruiser engine: 1993 FEZ80, a straight 4.5 liter inline 6. It had 222K when the head gasket went. So, complete top end rebuild, cylinder oversize rebore with new pistons and rings, complete new bearings (all), a complete rebuild! Only three major components not replaced were crank, rods, and cams. So, I essentially have a new/low-mileage engine.

What plan should I put this engine on when using Auto-Rx? Should I even bother?

Thanks for your help.


Wait for about 7,000 miles to be achieved on the clock. At that point then assess how well the new motor parts have broken in and how well the new rings have seated with the bores. If you are not completely happy with the break-in, especially with compression values, start an Auto-Rx Plus basic application right away. This has given many vehicles a second chance at being an optimal motor.


For all oils treated with Auto-Rx + Drive 3,000 Miles.

For Full Synthetic Oil treated with Auto-Rx + Drive 4,000 Miles.

After driving your particular oil mileage change oil install new filter and drive your recommended mirage. Change Oil & Filter.

Application Finished.