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Auto-Rx® Facts

Auto-Rx + has as 12 year record of performance. It is patented, ecologically safe and it works. Dealers don’t like us, either do most mechanics – after all – we are saving our buyers thousand of dollars in the long-run. They all want to charge you. We don’t sell in stores because profit margins not attractive to Auto-Parts Stores when they can sell you solvents at a big mark up. We are good buy for the money and we deliver 150%!

For over 12 years, Auto-RX has sold its product on the Web to consumers around the world. A focus on word of mouth allows the company to avoid spending too much money on advertisements and comes with the added benefit of keeping products as affordable as possible. That’s how our customers get an affordable product that helps fight engine sludge and contaminant buildup.

During regular use, an engine will start to build up deposits of dirt and other contaminants. This applies to both diesel and gasoline engines today. Such contaminants, often known as sludge, build up in various areas of an engine over time. If a vehicle owner fails to clean out these deposits, their vehicle could suffer a catastrophic failure. From there, an individual might have to pay thousands of dollars in order to get the engine repaired.

The makers of Auto-Rx Plus tried every product imaginable to remove sludge over the years. Unfortunately, they found that most products didn’t work, and some even further damaged a vehicle’s engine. Hundreds of dollars later, we found ourselves sick and tired of looking for a suitable solution. So we created Auto-Rx Plus, perfecting its formulation after countless hours of work.

We began to sell our product over a decade ago and have seen great success. We sell a product that provides a service that consumers can’t get anywhere else. When it comes to engine cleaning solutions, other companies make mistakes with their products. Sometimes, they’ll add harmful substances to the product that damages a vehicle’s engine beyond repair. Other products simply don’t produce the results they claim to achieve. Auto-Rx Plus is different in that we have a proven track record of success with our product. We used to use those same ineffective products before after all.

Auto-Rx Plus contains a special green chemistry formulation that tackles and removes engine contaminants. Currently, our product removes sludge, carbon buildup, and dirt with relative ease. Consumers can even use the solution to tackle transmission slippage and other engine issues. Auto-Rx Plus obviously can’t repair already damaged engine parts, or else it would cost far more money! However, it won’t cause damage to the engine or other parts of a vehicle through regular use, either.

For first time users, we recommend purchasing three bottles of Auto-Rx Plus. One is used to clean out the engine. The second bottle splits between the transmission and power steering. Finally, a third bottle is used for regular preventative care in the engine. Users can purchase bottles one at a time after the initial treatment, although most people buy multiple bottles to keep a healthy stock.

Auto-Rx Plus ships all around the world and costs far less than our competitors’ products. Plus, ours is the only one that’s proven to work without causing further damage. Our product is available directly through our website, and a customer forum is available to help new customers that haven’t tried this solution yet.