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Auto-Rx® Plus is NOT a Solvent Flush

Yes, a solvent will clean the engine… but at what cost? A solvent flush will clean out deposits left from the use of low-quality oil. If you use a good-quality oil, there is no need to ever use a solvent in your engine. Why? Because the engine has nooks and crannies where oil remains and does not get drained out during an oil change. The residue still has solvent in it that will contaminate your fresh oil. The solvent remaining in the residue would break down the fresh oil and reduce the oil’s capacity to lubricate properly.

AUTO-RX® PLUS is “green chemistry” and can do no harm to the engine. A solvent is made to break down oils, and for that reason, we would never recommend using a solvent. The information below shows how Auto-Rx® Plus stacks up to solvent flushes.

SOLVENT FLUSH: Must be removed after use, usually 5-10 minutes

AUTO-RX® PLUS: Remains in the engine; works while you drive

SOLVENT FLUSH: Changes oil viscosity properties

AUTO-RX® PLUS: Has no effect on oil chemistry or viscosity

SOLVENT FLUSH: May remove contaminants in chunks that could get caught in the oil pickup screen or a piston port

AUTO-RX® PLUS: Liquefies contaminants that are carried to the oil filter and removed with filter replacement

SOLVENT FLUSH: Toxic, hazardous, shock chemistry

AUTO-RX® PLUS: Nontoxic, nonhazardous, NO shock chemistry

SOLVENT FLUSH: No oil change removes everything; some of the solvent flush will remain in the pan and continue to circulate in the engine; over time may destroy seals or cause other damage

AUTO-RX® PLUS: Some of the Auto-Rx® will remain in the oil pan, continuing to work, keeping the engine clean