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Auto-Rx in closed automotive lubrication systems


These systems would include the transmissions, power steering and differentials if so equipped. These lubricants are recommended for 30,000 to 60,000 miles. However, once used to the recommended service interval or beyond, contamination from heat and metallurgy have stuck to the working internals of each component. The greatest thing you can do to protect these expensive systems is to add a small dose of Auto-Rx and then run 1,000 miles before having these vital fluids replaced. For an automatic transmission, add 6 fluid ounces or the equivalent of ½ bottle of Auto-Rx. For a power steering pump, add 1 fluid ounce for this system. After driving the vehicle for 1,000 miles, the results are all the contamination drains with the old fluid. Now you are putting fresh fluids into a clean system. After all, why put fresh lubricants into a dirty system? The new fluid will not perform nearly as long.