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Avoid Replacing Torque Converter

Replacement of the torque convertor is something Auto-Rx® can prevent. In most cases, folks use Auto-Rx® after the fact to correct a sick transmission. Very few folks actually service their transmissions at the appropriate time based on the fluid life. Many transmissions could be saved with Auto-Rx®. The biggest problem is that the manufacturers suggest a transmission fluid exchange from 60-80,000 miles. That is far too long under normal driving conditions.

It is very simple to invest in a bottle of Auto-Rx® and add half the bottle to the existing fluid at about the 30-40,000 mile mark, drive for 1,000 miles and change the fluid, then use the remaining half of the bottle at the 70-80,000 mile mark for a second change of fluid. In all likelihood, the transmission would never have a problem.