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Bad Oil Leak Fixed Right Up!

I used Auto-Rx in my 2.8L 95 VW Passat, with 200,000 miles. The motor was leaking oil… using about 1 1/2 quarts every 3000 miles… and looking into the oil fill hole, it was sludged up bad.

I spent a day reading all the different info on different brands of treatments. Auto-RX made the most sense, so I spent another whole day reading all the reviews and information on it. It was making more and more sense, because it wasn’t a harsh “overnight” treatment… it was a safe and gentle “over time” treatment.

I went through your “Sludge Removal/Oil Burning protocol with 2 quarts Auto-Rx. At 1000 miles I looked into the oil fill hole, and the oil was scary dark! I changed the filter. By the end of 2000, my oil consumption got worse- up to 1 1/3 quarts in only 2000 miles! But I didn’t panic because of the research I had done. It made sense that this would happen because the sludge from around the seals was being removed and the seal material was being “conditioned”. By the end of my 2000 rinse cycle, oil consumption improved only slightly. Then by the end of the following oil change the oil consumption improved more… down to 1 1/4 quart every 3000 miles. With subsequent oil changes, it improved a little each time. It leveled out at 3/4 quart every 3000 miles.

My favorite parts of this cleaning process:

  1. Looking into the engine when changing the oil- it looked like a newer engine!
  2. Nt seeing a big oil spot in my parking spot!

Thank you, Auto-Rx, for making such a great product!
I love what it did for my car, and recommend this product to all my friends now!

—Eric in Eagle, Colorado