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Better Results than Expected

I have two Cherokees with the 4.0 in them. I was quite pleased with my results as well. I followed the procedure oil change and added the Auto-Rx. I wasn’t expecting any miracles, but if it slowed my still slow leak, I would have been happy. I replaced the rear seal on an older Jeep and I can say it was a pain!!! Anyways, my wife and I had to take our daughter from Grand Junction CO to Salt Lake UT for a visit to the Shriners Hospital . I was amazed at what my Jeep’s overhead console was telling me. Even in this hilly area, my Jeep was showing 22MPG?!! In a lifted Jeep with 31s, that’s not right… I double-checked it with my calculator, same thing. I was averaging maybe 17MPG before ARX, which any Jeep owner will tell you is nothing to sneeze at! As of right now, no leak whatsoever, too. I am starting the treatment on my other Cherokee, which is all stock. I’m hoping for the same results if not better! I’m not sure what to think…being promised something and getting better that expected. That’s just not normal.