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Bike Looks Brand New Inside

I used Auto Rx® on my motorcycle, with a 500-mile clean and 1000-mile rinse cycle. Even after just the clean phase, the motorcycle was noticeably cleaner. Prior to this, the engine had frequent oil changes, usually with true synthetics (Amsoil, Mobil 1). I used dino for the clean-and-rinse oil. The bike had 22,500 miles on it. Even where the filter attaches was noticeably cleaner. Looking into the filler hole in the crankcase, the bike looks brand new. There used to be a slight varnish color on some of the parts, but they are silver clean now. After the rinse process, my mechanic checked the valve clearances and inspected the cams. He said they were shiny, like new, as well. The abbreviated clean-and-rinse worked for my Suzuki Bandit 600, inline 4, 12,000 rpm redline.
—B. Kendell