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Cleaning Transmissions

Auto-Rx® + is a patented, ecologically safe engine and transmission cleaner, helping cars, motorcycles & trucks increase efficiency & restores fuel economy.

Cleaning transmissions is nothing like cleaning a motor. An automatic transmission is a closed system. You do not get the complex deposits in a transmission like you do in a motor. Motors are subject to airborne contaminants and fuel byproducts from incomplete combustion.

What’s the verdict on the Valvoline MaxLife Automatic Transmission Fluid (basic hydraulic oil)?

Should I have to run longer like 3000-5000 miles with Auto-Rx like you suggested?

Auto-Rx will clean transmission deposits running with virtually an ATF. The whole deal is to add ARX to the existing fluid and run 1000 miles prior to purging or changing out the fluid. 1000 miles has proven to be enough dwell time to dissolve and suspend deposits on shifting valves and deposits within the torque converter. We also recommend cleaning or changing the mesh filter filter or magnet in the pan.