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Diesel Tips on Ford PSD

I have used Auto-Rx in my 2 Ford PSDs with excellent results. I used it in my 1995 PSD and had an oil analysis done prior to using Auto-Rx®. The oxidation and nitration were very high. I cleaned the engine with Auto-Rx® and the next use of oil was dino Chevron Delo 400, and the oil analysis on that was lower wear metals, lower oxidation and nitration, and soot. When I purchased my 2001 PSD, I did an Auto-Rx® clean on it and then changed oil to Mobil Delvac 1300S, a dino oil. On that analysis the wear and oxy and nit were so low the lab had to re-run the analysis.
I have seen results of VW TDIs after using Auto-Rx® with the same results. The real benefit to me is the cleaning of the soot that seems to find places to reside until the next oil change, and then it goes back in suspension, causing wear. The HEUI injectors in my engine take up to 3000 PSI to activate, and the Auto-Rx® has no effect on this. It does not change the viscosity of the oil. The only thing is to follow the cleaning instructions for an engine with leaks. The Auto-Rx® should help if the seals are not damaged. I have put Auto-Rx® in a new PSD, new 2003 Mazda with 100 miles on it, and my own Mazda. No problems. It works as stated, and now I just use a maintenance dose. I will probably never have to clean them again at this rate.