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Ducati Transformed by Auto-Rx

I have an 11-year old Ducati Monster 400 that I love and cherish. I have owned it for about 3 years now. About a year and a half ago, I poured half a bottle of Auto-Rx® in during my regular oil service. Because I do not ride it often, it took until now to get to about 900 kilometres (700 miles?). Yesterday, when I went to the bike shop to do an oil service, all present were stunned at the amount of black goop that came out with the oil and filter. The mechanic needed about 10 minutes to scrape all the nasty black tarlike substance off the oil drain plug!

The bike now has a fresh fill of Motul series 3000 100% mineral motorcycle oil and a new oil filter. I will be changing the filter and oil again after the next 1000 miles. Maybe I will ride the thing for another few thousand miles before doing a second cycle of Auto-Rx®. My bike feels like new now, it revs so freely, and the full Auto-Rx® clean-rinse cycle is not even complete yet!

I first used Auto-Rx® on my Suzuki truck in Beverly Hills in 2005. I next used Auto-Rx® on my girlfriend’s Toyota Celica in Singapore in 2007. This Ducati is the latest to get Auto-Rx®, and I must say it seems to have benefited the most; maybe the fact that it is air-cooled has something to do with it. However, all 3 vehicles are very much the better for having had Auto-Rx® treatment. I will be calling my local Auto-Rx® seller to get some more of this wonderful stuff. While I am at it, I will also be trying to get a few more cases of Motul 3000 20w-50 mineral oil. Pure mineral oil is starting to get harder to find each day!

Thanks for making and marketing a wonderful product to us motorheads out there, Frank. You have truly made a big huge difference to our lives!

—Kim L.