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Engine Savings

I wish to goodness I had kept a tally of all the vehicles I have revived with your magic potion. Before I retired and closed up shop, it got to the point where, when folks came in with gushing seal leaks, I would give them the option of trying the Auto-Rx first, and for every one that did, it worked (including one Blazer with a tranny that was leaving a snail trail down the road, still holding great last time I spoke with the fella who moved a few states away some 5+ years later). In fact to date, I have only had 2 that it didn’t and those were OLD seals on a couple of my old relics and I had little hope of it working, but at least everything was nice and clean on teardown. I’ve been pushing this stuff to the diesel community for a number of years now and it’s been nice to see the change actively go from engine teardowns to ring cleanings in the majority of low compression cases. We’re keeping these old things rolling years longer between teardowns due to your product. (You can only imagine the environmental impact of all those avoided rebuilds!) You’ve really made a difference! Thanks!