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Ford Diesel Sludge Removal

On 2/18/13 I contacted you about a sludge problem with my 2003 Ford F350 7.3 diesel with 404,200 miles pumping thick sludge from the right side of the engine when cold. I was quoted $3400 to replace heat exchanger and oil filter and water pump housings. I researched and found Auto-Rx.

Not only was the sludge problem stopped, the oil pan stopped leaking and the mileage increased. When truck was newer, it averaged 18-19 mpg. That had dropped to 12.063 mpg. I changed oil at 404,200 with 2 bottles Auto-Rx, second oil change at 407,188.8 miles, now 14.218 mpg. Third oil change at 411,050, getting 16.154 mpg. Engine purrs. All mileage calculations are based on 7-8 fill-ups.