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Former NAPA Salesman’s Comments on Auto-Rx

I have worked for NAPA Auto Parts as a salesman for 35 years. I drive at least 50 miles or more a day calling on my customers. I own a 1997 Pontiac Bonneville with a 3.8 engine that has approximately 110K miles on it. I felt like my vehicle was driving smoothly, but decided to try Auto-Rx oil treatment. After using this product, I have been getting better gas mileage, and to my surprise my car seems to be running much smoother. I am very impressed with the results that it has made on my vehicle and I will be recommending this product to the customers that I sell to.

NAPA Auto Parts carries numerous oil treatments that I sell, but this product seems to be one of the best that I have tried. As a satisfied customer of Auto-Rx, I plan to continue treating my vehicle with it and highly recommend it to others.

—Malon M.