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Friend with a Transmission Problem

Thank you for the comprehensive and excellent report. You’re obviously more capable (by a long shot) than a customer service rep! I really enjoyed your descriptive analysis. I have used Auto-Rx in all my vehicles. Your instructions are easy and your treatment is potent. Except for my Chrysler V8 engine, my vehicles are all over 200,000 miles (one has 276,000). I have used Auto-Rx on all of them, then after that final rinse phase, used Amsoil. They all run fine and I am sold on the efficacy of your product. I have a friend that has a 2000 Subaru with a transmission issue. After being told he needs to replace it, I ran Auto-Rx in it, drained it after 4000 miles, then put fresh tranny oil in it and that was last summer. It no longer sticks (one of the valves was sticking). He’s running fine today on that transmission. You can be proud of your product. This user is convinced that the chemistry works well and increases the life of the object it is applied to, whether it be a tranny or an engine.