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Get a Car Rental When You Replace Your Transmission?

A bottle of Auto-Rx Plus might have saved them thousands and if it did not at least they know they're not getting ripped off.

Would you rather get a rental car while paying $2800.00 to replace your transmission,

or…. pay $21.95 for Auto-Rx® Plus and save $2800.00?

Using Auto-Rx Plus saves people the trip to their mechanic, you’ll save money and (most importantly) save your Transmission.

A bottle of Auto-Rx Plus might save you thousands in the long term life of your car. Not only is it good for the overall health of your car, but it ecologically cleans any contaminants in your transmission, and also dissolves oil sludge.

When any mechanic says he wants to replace your transmission, think about what is involved.

Transmission Fluid is nothing more than a base hydraulic oil, combined with seller’s choice of additive package.

When the oil turns black and the additive package dissolves, is main reason Transmission starts slipping.

You should change your transmission fluid at the very least every 25,000 miles.