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Good Mileage Performance

Thanks for all the useful information you gave over the phone about Auto-Rx® and Shell Rotella-T for my rinse cycle. I have been a big fan of your product, as it really does work!

I own two 2001 Chevy Prizms. My first Prizm has 66k miles. I’ve been using Auto-Rx® as a maintenance dose since I purchased it with 59k. It has really improved the overall engine performance and miles per gallon and the engine burns no oil.

My second Prizm had 98K and a replacement engine with 50k. I did two Auto-Rx® treatments. I’ve noticed better performance and fuel mileage on this vehicle also. This car went from burning a quart every 1k miles to a quart every 6k miles. I was really impressed. When I recently took off the valve cover to replace the gasket, I noticed the valve train looks very clean also due to Auto-Rx®. This car has 128k and the engine now has about 70k and it’s and still running strong with Auto-Rx®. Both vehicles get about 2 MPG more.

I would recommend Auto-Rx® to anyone who likes to keep their car engine running like it was when it was new.

—Brian V.