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Great Results on 3 Vehicles (MPG & Oil)

I have an ’87 turbocharged Buick Grand National and an ’02 PT woodie. After reading about Auto-Rx, I wanted to give it a shot in my GN since I try to give it any edge possible. After using Auto-Rx in the engine, I noticed very little difference. It didn’t surprise me since I maintain it very well, and it never really used much oil anyway. It always has had Mobil 1 oil changes, roughly once a year since it isn’t driven that much. The car has 80,000 miles on it currently. After the treatment though, I remember testing it to see how it was under turbo boost. It seemed to be laying down serious torque at only 12 pounds of boost—the type of feeling I was more accustomed to when it was full throttle at about 15 pounds or more. I don’t know if was my imagination but it would seem more than reasonable from compression results people have gained with Auto-Rx. My PT cruiser is pretty new with low miles but I did an Auto-Rx treatment at 10K miles just to make sure it was really clean and ready for when I start Mobil 1 and longer drain intervals. I will say this though—I get way better MPG than most anyone on PT forums seems to achieve.
The third car is my dad’s ’97 Dodge Caravan – 3.3 liter, the one that really showed me that Auto-Rx can do what it says. Regrettably, the Caravan went on a nearly 7,000-mile oil change with dealer bulk oil. I’m guessing it was 5w-30. It’s a long story as the van otherwise has always had Mobil 1 oil changes. After that, it started using a quart of oil every 1,000 miles. After putting up with that for a few years, I put some Auto-Rx in. At about 4,000 miles into the RINSE cycle, it all of a sudden stopped using oil. It was wild. It now uses about 1/4 to 1/3 of a quart every 1,000 miles. For the first 4,000 miles of the rinse, I kept checking the oil and had to put in close to a quart every 1,000 miles. I figured the engine was too worn or Auto-RX just wasn’t doing what it says it could do. Then after the 4,000 rinse miles, I’d keep checking the level and it wasn’t going down. It’s stayed that way for what is probably 40,000 miles or more. The Caravan now has 155,000 miles, never had ANY engine work and I do 14,000-mile changes with Mobil 1. Believe me, up until the reduced consumption at 4,000 miles in the rinse cycle, I was seriously doubting Auto-Rx. And it’s nice to know Auto-Rx is paying for itself quite quickly without having to add nearly as much top-off oil.]