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I Use Quality Fluids In My Vehicle. Why Should I Use Auto-Rx Plus?

One word: Oxidation. Today’s motor oils and automatic transmission fluids are better than ever before. Even with improvements they still can’t prevent oxidation. Oxidation occurs when oils and fluids are subject to heat beyond their operating temperature range and chemically break down. Time also is a factor because over time the effectiveness of the additives that make oils and fluids what they are today are used up.

Once oxidation occurs a film of contaminated material begins to adhere itself to the surrounding surfaces. Well isn’t that just cosmetic? In some non critical areas of your engine or transmission the answer is yes. But in the critical areas that is another matter.

There are many parts of today’s increasingly sophisticated engines and transmissions that rely on exacting clearances and low friction levels to operate properly.

Auto-Rx Plus gently and safely removes harmful oxidized containment build-up. In a automatic transmission, for instance, it will free sticking solenoids, restoring their operation to like new condition.

In a engine Auto-Rx Plus maintains oil passages free from oxidized containment restrictions. It allows for proper lubrication of lifters and reduces wear on critical components by restoring proper oil flow.

Use Auto-Rx Plus with confidence. The safe gentle way to restore and maintain your vehicles performance. For more information visit out website –