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Joy of Discovery! (Auto-Rx in a ’91 Honda)

Years of tinkering around has recently led me to a discovery. I picked up a ’91 Honda civic in 2000 for dirt cheap. Over the past years it’s become a hobby. Lots of issues with shoddy mechanics, defective parts, insurance claims, leaking gaskets, noisy bearings, etc. Overall, my Honda has been very good to me. But it does burn oil, big time, especially at high rpms. I top it off regularly.

I’m familiar with many oils and additives; Motor Honey, Gunk, Gumout, Smoke Away, Lucas, Restore, STP, synthetics, MMO, snake oil, etc., etc. I’ve even talked to people who’ve used kerosene. (Yes, I also know that I always have the option to pay $1300 or so to have the engine rebuilt.)

I’ve been tempted to use an engine flush, meaning, adding a strong detergent into the crankcase, running it for 5 minutes then flushing it out (changing the oil). It is the consensus that this absolutely does remove carbon deposits and sludge from the inside of your engine. However, people still advise against it because when all this crap comes loose, it can cause serious damage to your engine seals. Mechanics told me that a flush could create an oil leak that was not there previously. This is especially a big risk with high mileage oil burners like my Honda. So I never did a flush.

In January of this year I came across a product while searching the ’net… Auto-Rx. It claims to clean your engine safely without causing damage. After doing a bunch of research, I used it.

The results are amazing!!! I have switched from high octane back down to regular unleaded. And it no longer knocks or pings! I am delighted!

My car is actually faster! (Sorry I didn’t have an independent mechanic do before and after compression tests to prove my statement. You’ll just have to trust me.)
I know there are a zillion scams out there on the ’net. But I have found this product to be legitimate. Easily worth three, four, and five times the price. I am ordering more bottles for friends and neighbors.

I know I’m rambling. But I just can’t say enough about this.