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Keep New Sludge from Harming Your Engine with a Extended Maintenance Plan

If you have a new vehicle or hope to drive your current vehicle a few hundred thousand miles, or if you are an extended-oil drain user, you need our Extended Protection Plan. Or, if you have just finished with the cleaning and rinse applications of the motor’s internals with respect to harmful deposits, don’t stop at third base. Why not make it a home run with our Extended Protection Plan!

In addition to keeping your motor’s vital internals clean, Auto-Rx® Plus has proven to reduce wear and provide a lower coefficient of friction than with motor oil alone. With just 3 to 4 fluid ounces in the sump, both lubrication and fuel efficiency are enhanced. With the Extended Protection Plan, you can have Auto-Rx® Plus working every time you turn the ignition key.

After an initial cleaning and rinsing, add just 3 to 4 fluid ounces of Auto-Rx® Plus with each oil change. This will provide additional cleaning over the long haul and prevents the need to clean the engine again.

The Extended Protection dose has shown excellent results through used-oil analysis with both conventional oil runs and full synthetic oil with extended drains. Why not add that extra bottle to your order so you can keep your engine at peak performance!

Third-Party Test Data on Don Tucker’s Ford Explorer Sport

Result of M1 TSUV with Auto-Rx Preventive Maintenance Plan is effective at protecting and keeping clean engine internals.

  • Improved report, showing a still fuel diluting Ford 4.0 V6 running LOW wear values except for copper.

  • Auto-Rx protecting cylinder and bearing wear rates.

  • Ring seal is exceptional even with the fuel. Auto-Rx effect.

  • This is a PAO-based motor oil, so it is tough and will resist fuel but any oil will shear with 1.25%- 0.75% fuel levels. Air filter suspect.

  • Wires, cap rotor, suspect still.

  • How is MPG now? Very good result.