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Leaks in a Lexus

I own two personally maintained older Lexus vehicles, a 2002 RX300 and a 98 GS400, both cars having over 120,000 miles on the odometer and have owned both of them since they both had less than 40k miles. These have been mostly reliable and trouble-free vehicles; however, proper engine lubrication, being the primary component of good engine function, tends to also become the “dirty enemy” over time. I plan on keeping these cars for many more years for reasons you can probably appreciate as well. #1, They are paid for. #2, They still get decent fuel economy. #3, They have never required a major repair. #4, and perhaps most important, new cars just cost way too much!

Even with all the extended protection and religious 3-5k mile oil changes, I started noticing a few oil leaks beginning to develop, particularly on my RX’s 3.0 1MZfe V-6 engine’s rear main seal area where the engine block meets the transmission. I kept an eye on the RMS on this vehicle and the leak continued to get worse. Me being the family mechanic, I began researching what the hours look like to remove & replace this rear main seal and what I discovered was that the Toyota/Lexus dealers were getting 18+ hours of labor for this job at a cost of over $2,000! In case you are wondering, the rear main seal itself is a paltry $30 of this enormous cost. Now, I enjoy the therapeutic benefits of the occasional auto repair like any other DIY-er but family life, general time constraints, and realizing this rear main seal job could become one of those projects you look back on and say, “How did I get myself into that,” set me on a web hunt for an alternative.

After reading on some of the well-recognized lubrication discussion boards, I discovered Auto-Rx. Based on the many positive comments and user experiences, I headed over to their website. I figured what do I have to lose and didn’t hesitate any longer and placed an order for 6 bottles. Once I got my bottles in just 3 days delivered via USPS priority mail, I changed the oil and added my first “cleaning” bottle of Auto-Rx. All I did then was drive the car like I would normally do. As the data/site suggested, in the beginning the oil leak seemed to get a bit worse. This was telling me that this stuff was basically cleaning my engine from the inside and the crud/sludge/varnish or whatever was being removed from the back side of the seal. Auto-Rx was quietly and safely doing its thing!

Those 3000 miles seemed to go by slowly, but what I see now is that this product has been improved to offer the same benefits in just 2,000 miles in the cleaning phase. When the cleaning 3,000 miles was up, all I did was another regular oil change with non-synthetic oil and then again drove it normally. Within the first 500 miles of the “rinse” phase, I noticed the oil coming from the RMS area beginning to lessen. By 1,000 miles into the rinse, the oil leak had completely disappeared! I was very happy to see this product do exactly what it had claimed to be able to do. Beyond the obvious ending of my vehicle oil leak, the car seemed to have better throttle response along with improvements in mpg. This is most likely due to the Auto-Rx cleaning of piston ring packs, allowing them to build optimal compression again and the engine ran noticeably smoother.

When I did the same treatment on my GS400 for similar leaky cam seals and its RMS, I got the same results. Leaks were permanently gone! On top of that, the 1UZfe V8 was barely audible when warmed up at idle!

You are probably thinking this all sounds great… a magic liquid in a bottle that will solve my leaking oil problems. Believe me, I am one of the biggest skeptics when it comes to oil additives and have read hundreds of pages online about Slick 50, Zmax, etc., and the hype is always greater than the actual measurable results. This is not the case with Auto-Rx. This product does everything it claims to do, and the positive results for me have not reversed over the last 40k miles! I believe that, if I were to buy a new car and start with just the Auto-Rx maintenance doses, I could drive the car for 500k miles and never have to replace any of the seals in the engine or transmission.

Well, I just wanted to share my story and experience with Auto-Rx with the hopes that it will offer you the same great results that I have had.