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MMO & Lube Guard Couldn’t Do the Job 1991 Honda Civic DX

My fiance has a 1991 Honda Civic DX. It has been very well maintained for the 3 1/2 years we have been together. I come from a good mechanical background and have always done the work myself. Around 102K, the tranny (automatic) began acting up. I checked the fluid level and it was full and not dirty. When coming to a stop, the tranny would not shift back down into 1st gear until the car was driven about 15-20 minutes and got good and hot. I tried using Marvel Mystery Oil in the tranny to fix the problem but it did not work. I also tried the Lube Guard transmission flush additive in the white bottle.

After nothing seemed to work, I spoke with many transmission rebuild shops and all of them said my tranny was “telling me it is about to go out.” It would have cost me $1,300-$1,600, based on the estimates given to me, to get a new/rebuilt tranny for the car. I heard so much about Auto-Rx (ARX) on Bob is the Oil Guy and decided to give it a try.

I told one of the tranny shops I called that I had a product I wanted to try in the tranny before I ordered a new one. The guy snickered at me and said, “It’s not gonna work.” I changed the ATF that was currently in the tranny and added 6 oz. of ARX with fresh ATF. I followed the instructions on the website to the letter. I also put 1 bottle of ARX in the engine. Within approximately 500 miles, probably closer to 300 miles (I know it was quick), the tranny began shifting normal again.

At the end of the recommended mileage, I drained the ATF/ARX out and refilled it with the proper ATF. After my successful ARX application, I called the guy back and told him I no longer needed a tranny because a product called Auto-Rx cured the problem. He didn’t believe me so I told him to go to the ARX website and see how the product works for himself. The car now has 108,200 on it and running better than ever.

Thanks for making such a great product, Frank. It saved me over $1,000 and a lot of work.