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Passat Owner Saves $9,000

Very briefly, my wife’s Passat with 68,000 miles, totally sludged. This is a real problem with these cars. Per mechanic, my pressure was 0 at idle and 15 psi at 70mph on new synthetic. I very carefully drove the car home and started some research when I came across this Auto-Rx website. VW wanted $9,000 for an engine replacement. I started the Auto-Rx and drove very carefully. The oil light came on sporadically. By the rinse phase, the light never came on. After rinse phase I changed to synthetic and back to the mechanic for a pressure test. He couldn’t believe it-15 psi at idle and 45 psi at 60 mph (2000 rpm). He said it was factory specs. Problem fixed. I ended up trading in the car (not a VW) shortly after. Auto-Rx fixed an engine that was within a few miles of meltdown. If this didn’t prove Auto-Rx’s worth, I don’t know what would. I still have a few bottles around that I will use on other cars. In summary, Auto-Rx saved me $9,000 … a BIG $9,000 thanks.