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Persistent Leak

I first started using Auto-Rx in 2008 to clean up an old engine that was consuming oil and running rough, despite new plugs, PCV, adjusted timing and idle, and new cap and rotor. After a sludge-style application with 2 bottles of Auto-Rx, most of the problems cleared up.

I then went on the Auto-Rx maintenance program [Extended Protection Plan].

I also put Auto-Rx in my transmission and rear differential.

Recently, I decided to try another full bottle of Auto-Rx into the crankcase … for months I had a persistent [leak] from my distributor housing; oil was getting past the O-ring into the housing, through its internal gaskets, and leaking out the distributor wire, which allows the oil to dribble out. The oil then pools on top of the transmission casing, where the heat makes a gummy film, while some leaks to the ground. The result is not only wasted oil, [but] possible internal damage to the distributor and oil spots on the garage floor. I replaced the O-ring, but the oil leaking continued.

But after using Auto-Rx, not only was my engine cleaner, but the distributor leak stopped completely within 2 days. Given that a new distributor costs hundreds of dollars, it was worth it.