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Product Does What It Promises

I have a 1997 Ford F-250 diesel 4×4 truck with an automatic transmission. I used Auto-Rx® in the transmission because it was shuddering during shifts. It was really noticeable when pulling my boat, which weighs 12,420 lbs. Since the transmission is the weak link in these trucks, I decided to use your product. I applied the treatment twice, since the truck now has 160K miles on it. The shifting problem cleared up, and I’ve put replacement plans on the back burner. Your product has made an amazing difference in how my truck shifts. I’ve also used it in my engine. The engine runs smoother since the treatment. Thank you for an excellent product that does what it promises. I am in the process of treating my other vehicles, and I’ll do my boat engines in the spring. Feel free to use my letter in total or part as a testimonial for your product.