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Recommended by Saab Owner


In November 2005 I purchased a used 2001 Saab 9-5. Having a bit of experience with Saabs (my last car was a 1997 Saab 900 turbo), I knew this model could have problems with deposit formation. Since the car only had 59,000 miles on it, I figured it was safe from having any serious problems.

Well, when I pulled the valve cover off, I found a heavily varnished valve train with baked on deposits in the nooks and crannies. I immediately set out to figure out how to get rid of the deposits and stumbled upon Auto-Rx®. Long story short, it cleaned up a lot of the deposits as evident in before and after pictures I took. I tried further treatments with various flushes and other oil additives and nothing cleaned to the degree Auto-Rx® had.


A few months back, since I figured my engine was in fairly good shape now, I set out on the maintenance plan [Extended Protection Plan]. I figured it would at least fortify my oil a bit and stem the production of further deposits. Surprising, it did that and more! I’m happy to report that it filled the pleats of my oil filter with carbon it had removed. Furthermore, side by side pictures of my valve train showed further cleaning, even with the maintenance dose. I fully intend to use the maintenance dose [Extended Protection Plan].

Thanks for a great product that actually works as advertised. I recommend Auto-Rx® wholeheartedly for problems like mine!