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Saved Engine and Renewed It

I bought an Auto Trader and skimmed for a Toyota Camry, which I know to be an excellent car. My number one priority in buying a used car is that I must see complete maintenance records. All right! A ‘ 96 Camry with 86K miles for $8000. An hour later I was viewing the oil change records. Wow! Every 3000 miles without fail! This is great! I gave a $100 binder on the spot, knowing full well Toyota’s #1 quality and reputation. The next day all was well as I drove my Camry up my driveway. As many car guys do, I thought, Well, let’s check this super clean baby out and check that oil. AAHHH!! What the #*%^*#@ is this black glob of thick gook at the end of my dipstick! In my oil filler cap! – The worst thing that could happen! Sludge! I started looking for someplace to turn to rectify my problem. I first called a few mechanics for internal engine cleaning. These ranged from $700 to $900. Then I got on the Web and searched for “internal engine cleaning.” Hmmm, what’s this? Auto-Rx. Okay, natural product that cleans all sludge from internal engine parts without thinning oil viscosity. This sounds pretty darn good. I have to take a shot at this. So 500 miles later after running 12 ounces in my sludge-filled Toyota, the day to drain my oil was here. Whoa! Look at the color of that oil! Pitch black! I’ve never seen filth like that. And the dipstick! The end below the oil line is now shiny new metal! I swear, it saved my engine and renewed it. I tell everybody about this stuff. Really and truly.

Rick N., Jacksonville, FL

Well, after putting a few thousand city-driven miles on my car, I found a marked difference in acceleration and quicker starting. And quieter! I can hardly hear whether it’s running or not! I attribute it to a cleaner engine because it is cleaner and free of that awful sludge. Now there is no more crud in the changed oil, or on the dipstick, or around the filter mount. It’s reassuring to see that the engine is not clogged up inside. It’s cool to feel like you have a new engine again when the odometer says 100,000. I’ve since told a lot of my friends about this product. I’m going to be needing a few more bottles for all my family members.
Rick N., Jacksonville FL