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Saved Me a Transmission Rebuild

Since I saw such good results trying Auto-Rx in my engines and having read about other positive results in transmissions, it was time to give it a shot in my Buick Grand National original transmission. For several years it felt vague and soft between shifts when the car is floored. This car is about 370hp and 475ft lbs of torque SAE net. It did a 1/4 mile in 13.03 seconds on REAL street tires in 80-degree weather. A few years ago, I put some Lubeguard in the trans, thinking I would feel some sort of difference, even if minor, but I didn’t. I still had some Auto-Rx left over, so I did a drain and fill to get some of the Lubeguard out. (I have an aftermarket pan on the car with a drain plug; it’s the only non-factory installed part on the original trans.) Auto-Rx instructions don’t recommend having competing esters and di-esters present. After I put Auto-Rx in, it wasn’t very long at all before the shifts at full throttle definitely felt more positive, direct, and less vague. Quite a bit, enough for me to put off what I thought was going to a rebuild by choice to get some more positive control to back the power the engine puts out. What seems amazing, too, is I used the recommended 6 ounces, which seems like too small amount to do anything. And again, more money Auto-Rx is saving me not having to do a rebuild. With that kind of power behind an original 1980 trans, a rebuild is inevitable at some point, but at least for now I can budget my money on other things.