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Saved Rebuilding My Transmission

My car is a 2003 Buick Park Avenue with 135,000 miles. After receiving the bad news from my mechanic that I was going to need a $3,000 transmission rebuild, I took the advice from a friend to try Auto-Rx. I treated my transmission as directed with the product, 6 oz. in the transmission fluid. After driving the car for 1,000 miles, I had the fluid drained and replaced with new fluid.

Within the first 100 miles, I noticed a significant improvement and it just keeps getting better. I was skeptical against products such as these, but my experience is that Auto-Rx is different and actually works. I encourage anybody with a transmission that is slipping or clunking into gear to try Auto-Rx before having any transmission work done that could be a waste of money.

I am the owner of KMT Industries Inc., and I will be using Auto-Rx in ALL my company vehicles from now on. Thanks, Auto-Rx!

—Tim Colonnese – President and CEO at KTM Industries