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Saved the Power Steering Rack

Frank, you and I have spoken before. You might remember me as I live in Maine, am a long time ARX user, and purchased a case from you last year. Anyway, I wanted to share a success story with you:

We have an adult daughter who lives in South Carolina, and we live in Maine. So, I don’t get to see her but a few times a year. This past summer she got married, so that took my wife and I down there several times prior to the wedding. On one of our trips down, she told me that she thought her transmission was on the way out. She drives a 2010 Honda Accord that she bought new, and it has about 60K miles on it. She said she wanted me to listen to it.

So, when we arrived, I drove the car and definitely heard the “whine” she was hearing, thinking that it was her transmission making the noise. A quick check under the hood revealed the culprit immediately … the power steering reservoir was well below the “minimum” line! We drove to Advance Auto Parts and picked up some PS fluid formulated for Honda, added it to the “max” line, and the whining noise disappeared.

But obviously the fluid went somewhere. I had her watch it in the weeks after the wedding, and of course,, it slowly went down again. She had the place that she uses for oil changes check it out and was told that the power steering rack had a leak at one of the seals. I called the local Honda dealer there to find out that the only solution was to replace the entire steering rack with a remanufactured one …. for between $800 and $900! (The car was out of warranty.) Hearing this, I asked her new husband if he’d try something to fix the leak and follow my directions “exactly” and he said he would.

So, I packaged some ARX in a bottle that I use for oil analysis samples and mailed it to them. I told him to purchase an oil suction gun before my package arrived. Once there, I had him suction some PS fluid from the PS reservoir and add the ARX I sent. I told her to now drive 1,000 miles — no more — and get back to me.

I had her husband pick up 5-6 pints of Honda PS fluid and have the oil suction gun ready. Once she drove the 1,000 miles, I had him “suction, fill, start, suction, fill” … and repeat it until we’d gone through all 5 pints of PS fluid. This was the best way to change the PS fluid that I knew.

This was back in the summer and here we are in January …. and she tells me the level has not budged a bit! Now that’s what I call a success story! I’m always glad to use and talk to folks about your product, Frank. Thought you’d like to hear the story … sorry it was so long!

—Steve Brackett, Bath, Maine