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Seeing a Difference with Sticking Rings

I have used your product twice to free sticking rings on my 2004 350Z and can really see the difference. I am very pleased.

Question: I am about to store the car for the winter and I usually change oil just before I put it away until April. Should I put I bottle of your product in the fresh oil or should I wait until spring before I add Auto-RX?

—Dave A., Delano MN

ANSWER: Auto-Rx® Plus will stay good (at least as long as the oil) in your case, but you might want to wait until spring.

There is no known shelf life for Auto-Rx® Plus. If you have bottles remaining after a long period left sitting, or if the product appears frozen after a hard winter, just run the bottle under warm water until completely thawed. Shake the bottle to mix the product thoroughly, as some settling may have occurred during storage. Then use the product as instructed.