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Shifting Better, Smoother, Quieter

It works!!! Tranny has 122k miles and did not have any real issues. Was running Auto-Rx® in oil and got 3 for 2 deal, so I ran 6 oz. in trans for 1100 mi. This had a previous changeout of genuine Honda 3.5 qts, drive 100 mi and 3.5 qts again about 7500 mi ago when i got it and had to put in new drive axles, so I changed fluid. In other words, the fluid was fairly fresh when I put the Auto-Rx® in. Got T-TEC fluid exchange today and brought my own Honda fluid-don’t trust their stuff. The old fluid was darker-not very much (as in black) and not the appearance of burned or anything-just darker. I am not hallucinating-This car shifts WAY better, smoother, quieter. I was a little leary of putting ANYTHING in this trans (other than genuine Honda fluid), as I know Hondas are known to be fickle. I’m sold. BOTTOM LINE: Auto-Rx® = GOOD STUFF.
—Smelt Jr.