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Smooth As Ever

My vehicle’s a ’00 Mitsubishi Pajero (AKA Montero/Shogun) with 213,500 km (133,400 miles). After treating the transmission with ARX, it’s now as smooth as pushing a knife through butter – I’m very pleased to say. There’s also been quite an improvement in acceleration.

Initially, shifts were somewhat harsh (especially at WOT), and I poured in roughly 7 oz. of ARX. Roughly 600 km (375 miles) into the treatment, shifts started to become smoother and the small delay that was present when shifting completely disappeared.

I did a complete flush after 2558 km (1,598 miles), including the torque convertor. There’s only one place around here offering a T-TEC service, and I wasn’t exactly satisfied with them so got the dealer to do a traditional ATF change, disconnecting the cooler lines after filling up to drain the torque convertor. The replacement was Motorcraft Mercon V.

The old ATF was pretty dark red in color, almost black in fact, and looking into the pan afterwards, I noticed black particles floating in the fluid. The technician washed the pan before I could photograph it, but I was even surprised when I noticed my pan was now more of a lighter gray as opposed to the dark shade of gray it used to be. It seems ARX has cleaned every inch of my transmission! Here are some pictures I took and wanted to share. Please feel free to add this to your testimonials section, should you wish. Once my engine treatment is complete, I will be posting the results again.

—Abdullah, Kuwait (Photos Below)