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Something That Actually Works for Oil Burning

Auto-Rx® Plus is NOT a Solvent Flus

I have had a great experience with my 242,000 mile Acura Integra. When I bought it, it burned about a quart every 500-700 miles. After about 1200 miles of running your product, it has completely stopped burning oil. I haven’t even started the rinse phase and am very impressed with this product. I never thought anything could do what Auto-Rx did. I will tell everyone. Thanks for making something that actually works!

Our Answer As To Why Auto-Rx® Plus Worked

We are pleased to hear of your success in reducing the oil-burning issue. There were likely two factors that may have been responsible for the oil burning. Perhaps the piston rings were stuck, or bound together, which prohibits the expander rings from making a good seal on the cylinder bores. Or perhaps the V-Tec or variable timing cam couldn’t function properly. The V-tec system uses oil flow/pressure to adjust valve timing for optimal engine performance and economy. If the system was bound up or partially clogged, then oil burning is common. We are not sure which issue was causing the oil burning, perhaps both.