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Stopped Cam Seal Leak

I wanted to let everyone know the outcome of the Auto-Rx treatment in my 1993 Subaru Legacy with 183,000 miles. I have completed all the phases and have about 200 miles on the car after the final phase. I had two cam seal leaks from the front of my engine. They were so bad that the oil was running down the exhaust and burning like crazy! Hmmm, what a smell! Not anymore! It has completely FIXED/STOPPED the leak! There is not a drop of oil coming from the cam seals. According to the directions, it may take about 2000 or 3000 more miles to stop the leak. The good news is that during the last phase, the leak had stopped. This product is amazing. You would not believe the sludge that came out of the oil pan after just the first initial treatment. I have noticed an increase in power and about 1 mpg gas mileage. Here is another story. I had to replace my valve cover gaskets on the car. They were cracked and worn (you would expect that for a 183,000-mile car). When I took the valve covers off, there was not one ounce of dirt, sludge, NOTHING. I could not believe how clean the rods were, as well as the inside of the valve covers. I will say one thing, this product is for REAL. I would recommend this to anyone out there.
—Paul, Bel Air MD