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Stopped Leak in Rear Main Seal

Re: 1992 Grand Marquis that has been very well maintained. Actual miles 127,826 – no oil additive ever used, only natural oil Castrol HD 20/50 wt. Changed oil every 3,000 miles. This application was all done while simply driving the car just 500 miles. This same car had a rear seal oil leak. After one bottle of Auto-Rx and after driving another couple of thousand miles, still no leak. At first my husband was a little skeptical because the leak did not stop overnight. After driving the car at least another couple of thousand miles, the leak did stop and I have had no problems with it ever since. My husband is not so skeptical now. He truly believes in the product and will be using it in the future and will recommend it to anyone that has a problem where Auto-Rx can be used.
—Eileen B., DeLand FL