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The Logic and Reasoning Behind #AutoRx

Let’s Discuss The Logic and Reasoning Behind Auto Rx Plus

You are investing $21.95 in your car’s life and future, whereas if you wait… the transmission and oil sludge will continue to build up and will cost you on average $1500.00 – $3,500.00 at an Auto Mechanics Shop.

These are tough economic times, and despite the economy being on the topical rebound, the majority regular working class jobs are part-time.

We are an investment in saving you money in the longterm.

Auto-RX Plus, simply stated, is a patented, ecologically safe engine and transmission cleaner, that helps cars, motorcycles & trucks increase efficiency and restores fuel economy.

We have been in business for well over a decade… and we have many repeat customers.

You can read some of the testimonials HERE:

How Much Should You Buy?

We recommend you purchase three bottles for the maximum use. Please keep in mind, Auto-Rx Worldwide Inc​ is not sold in Auto stores for a reason, because a cheaper price for the consumer (which is what they always want) results in a cheaply made product for our customers.

We are not willing to compromise the patented, trademarked green chemistry technology that has gone into the research and science behind our mixture.

If you have questions, please refer to our Message Board where we have paid professional who answer specific questions regarding our products.



Happy Motoring,

Thank you for your continued support – #AutoRx