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What Is Green Chemistry? And Why Is It Good For My Car?

Auto-Rx® Plus utilizes non-hazardous green chemistry to clean metal surfaces and rejuvenate rotating seals. It is formulated with three ester groups. A versatile lanolin ester is the key component of Auto-Rx ® Plus. It is used for its deep cleaning ability to penetrate the surface of varnish and oxidized deposits.

The second is an aliphatic ester. Its function is to strengthen surface adhesion of the host oil, reducing the risk of dry spots in the oiling system during cleaning. Aliphatic esters are also very resistant to oxidation, becoming an additive supplement to the host oil while the contamination is being removed and deposited to the filter media.

The last ester is a biodegradable polyol ester, which provides extra extreme pressure capability to the host oil. Utilizing heat, pressure, and flow generated within the oiling system, Auto-Rx® Plus safely and effectively dissolves deposits. Deposits form slowly over time; they should be cleaned slowly and methodically, as well.