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Why is My Car Falling Apart??

Occasionally you will hear someone recommend doing a “piston soak”. What exactly is a piston soak? The first step in performing a piston soak is to remove the spark plugs so that a chemical solvent can be injected into the spark plug opening. How the engine is positioned in the vehicle will determine how easy or difficult it will be to remove the spark plugs. On certain vehicles this can be a very time consuming process.

The idea behind a piston soak is that the chemical will loosen up any oxidized oil on the piston rings, allowing for better piston ring sealing when it’s finished. Typically one lets the chemical sit for a number of hours before reinstalling the spark plugs. Be prepared for a cloud of smoke when the engine is first fired again.

Auto-Rx® Plus isn’t suitable for use as a piston soak because its green chemistry formulation contains no harsh chemicals and requires heat to dissolve oxidized contaminant build-up on the piston rings. Auto-Rx® Plus has no down time because it works as you drive. It will restore lost compression due to sticking or stuck piston rings and provides a slow gentle cleaning to all areas that receive lubrication.

AutoRx® Plus is safe to use because no harmful chemicals are in its formula. Thanks to its all natural green chemistry, AutoRx® Plus is safe for you and safe for the environment!