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Can Auto-Rx® Plus Offset Rising Fuel Costs?

Auto-Rx® + | Can Auto-Rx® Plus Offset Rising Fuel Costs?

In a nutshell, yes. If your car or truck is not performing at the same fuel economy standards set forth as a new vehicle, this should be corrected. There are two very detailed tests that can be found within the

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Auto-Rx® Plus News Release

Consider the longevity value of your automobile. You're investing $21.95 in your car's life and future, whereas if you wait... the cost is much higher. April 8, 2014 Auto Enthusiasts are Amazed by the Powerful Cleaning and Restoring Action of Auto-Rx® Plus Auto-Rx® Plus, a patented engine and transmission cleaner, helps increase operation efficiency, restore fuel economy, and reduce emissions in engines and transmissions.

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