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Thank you for your interest in Auto-Rx Plus. Our return policy can be found here: Return Policy.

Please search our site for the answers to your questions before attempting to contact our support staff.  We have posted years of comments, questions, and answers, and there are very few questions that have not already been answered in our Instructions, Frequently Asked Questions, Customer Forums, or Return Policy. We have provided sufficient data to help you understand how to use our product and what you can expect from using it.  You can also use our Site Search function at the top left of each page to find anything you need to know.

We would appreciate it if you would do your part in researching your questions. Thank you for your cooperation and for using our product. If you still have questions after exhausting your search on this site, then feel free to email us. Please try to resolve your issue by searching our Website first and visiting the following links:

We are in no way related to the insurance company Mitchell International, Pharmacy Solutions. If you are experiencing issues with them, their websites are and Their phone number is 1-866-428-8679.

For shipping or administrative questions ONLY, contact Frank Miller ( or phone 904-273-9098.